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Drinking Alcohol While Pregnant

Using Alcohol When Expectant

Substance abuse is not as risky as in childbearing situation, where there could be an unredeemable effect on the child due to declines or setbacks.

A child might develop long term health issues right from birth, if the mother subjects herself to too much drinking during pregnancy. This is because the body organs of the unborn child are not well developed to tolerate the effects of alcohol such as their liver. One of the leading causes of birth defects which include abnormalities and developmental disabilities within the United States is the prenatal exposure to drugs and alcohol. A pregnant woman is given a measure of alcohol quantity to drink, according to the deliberations carried out by medical professionals. Rather than put the health of the baby at risk pregnant mothers should be looking forward to avoiding alcohol during pregnancy.

Any alcohol consumed by the pregnant mother during the pregnancy enters the bloodstream and is capable of reaching the baby.

These would have been very possible except the fact that some of these expectant mothers are already addicted to alcohol. Women who are dealing with addiction need to seek immediate help once they find out that they are pregnant.

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Getting To Know What Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Is

Foetal Alcohol Syndrome is always associated with the people that have anger issues, mood swings and lack of focus. It is not possible to know how consuming alcohol during pregnancy will affect the baby.

Health issues directly attributed to foetal alcohol exposure are referred to as Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD). Some cases of FASD are severe while some are not.

FASD and its effects to the child:

  • Abnormally small heads and brains
  • Defects of the heart and spine
  • Stunted growth
  • Low body weight
  • Low intelligence
  • Problems with hearing and vision
  • Attitude issues
  • Delayed physical development
  • Heart, kidney or bone-related problems

The Use Of Alcohol When Expectant

A majority of doctors believe using alcohol in any amount by an expectant mother is unsafe. The severity of symptoms of foetal alcohol spectrum disorders is directly linked to alcohol consumption during pregnancy.

Taking alcohol up to four times in two hours can lead to an abuse that will cause the blood to have about 0.08% content of alcohol, that is how binge drinking is explained. It is rather unfortunate but all babies who are exposed to alcohol within the womb risk the development of a lifelong disorder.

10% of mothers who are pregnant take alcohol, while about 2% abuse alcohol, this deduction was gotten from the report given by U.S. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention.

Women Who Drink During Pregnancy Stats

There are so many risks that follow to any expectant mother that is equally addicted to alcohol. The topics of addiction and pregnancy are both delicate. We should be empathetic with all the expectant women that are addicted to alcohol and take good care of them.

Please seek immediate assistance if you or someone you know is battling addiction while being pregnant. We can also help you reach out to some of the rehab centres and professional experts that will help you overcome the addiction call us on 0800 246 1509.