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Drug Addiction: Getting Help

How To Get Help

If you are suffering from drug-related issues, there is a variety of therapies that can help. Some are specialist drug facilities run by charities and private organisations and some of these services are provided by the NHS. If you are looking for the NHS drug dependency support service closest to you, you can find it by using service search.

You can go find help that works for you and the guide to get treatment for a drug problem will steer you through the options. You have the same right to treatment as anybody that comes to NHS for any other health issue if you have a drug dependency.

With the right therapy, it is possible for you to live a drug-free life.

Where To Find Assistance For Drug Related Issues

Firstly, you should pay a visit to your GP. Your GP can help you choose the most appropriate treatment by discussing your concerns with you and accessing the nature of your problems. They will ask you to take consultation from your nearest treatment centre or they may also offer treatment for you. You're eligible to directly approach most drug treatment services or go through GP referral , whichever way is suits you best to get the outcome you desire.

Find the right and correct treatment centre of your area from Frank Website.

Call 0800 246 1509 if you are not able to find the appropriate help for you. Some of our advisers can speak to you about different ways of help we can provide you with.

Your Addiction Keyworker

You will be accessed first if you are seen at your local drug treatment service. You will be then be allocated to a keyworker if you are deemed appreciate for treatment. He can be a doctor, drugs worker or a nurse. Your keyworker will be the first person you always call during your treatment and they will assist you in organising the appropriate treatment and creating a customised care schedule with you. You're see the keyworker during on one to one treatment sessions.

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Charity And Private Drugs Treatment

Drug treatment is available through NHS and voluntary private drug and alcohol treatment organisations are on hand to assist. Voluntary organisation provide not only residential rehab centres, they also provide many different community services. These include outreach and harm reduction service, structured day programmes, housing support services, counselling services and aftercare. Local NHS services are in most cases connected with these organisations.